We’re in the beautiful Winelands district in Paarl, near Cape Town. Topknife is brought to you by the pioneers of Topwatch, a now globally recognised institution for all things high end luxury watches.

Please contact us by phone or email with details about the knives you want to sell. If your knives are a suitable fit for our site, we will request that you ship them to us so that we can get things started. We handle all of the photos and write-ups and will make sure you earn a fair price. When the knife is sold, you will receive 80% of the final sale price.
For more information, please see our Consignment Policies page.

We do not accept cheques or money orders.

All knives marked “In Stock” are available and ready to ship!  It’s that easy!

Our sales policy is first come, first served.  The only way to guarantee that a knife is yours is to place an online order for it before everyone else.  Our online ordering system operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Email or phone message requests to hold knives cannot be guaranteed.  We make every attempt to answer to phone calls and emails as soon as possible, however we urge that you use our online buying method whenever possible.

Sure!  This is done via our email notification tool.

Appraisals can be time consuming, and we do not currently provide this service.  We also believe that phone or email assessments are frequently erroneous.  Even if a knife owner has excellent intentions, it is easy to misrepresent a knife’s condition, value, and other facts.

Due to these circumstances, we are unable to answer inquiries regarding knives in your collection or estimate their value.  If you want to sell your knives, please see our Consignment Policies page for more details.

If you have any questions concerning the knives listed on our website, please contact or email us.

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