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    Please be sure to upload 2 photos of your knife, one of each side with open blades.

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    After receiving and accepting our estimated offer, your knife can be collected via Aramex or you can deliver in person.


    Upon receiving your knife, it will be inspected by our knife specialists.


    We will make our final offer. Should you accept this offer, we will EFT the funds to you within five working days.

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    1. All offers subject to final inspection by our team.
    2. Offers valid for 7 days only.
    3. We only buy foldable knives.
      • NO fixed blades
      • No one of builds with high levels of customization.
    4. Our market is production, hand finished or high end machines products that have strong brand equity and intrinsic value due to quality and craftsmanship.
    5. Our offers are not an indication of the retail or expected value of your knife. It is the price we are willing to pay for it based on reselling it for a profit.
    6. We have a simple 20% target and generally settle for 15% on sale. We do not make 100% profit on knives. Its a basic business formula to ensure we can keep our doors open.
    7. Please submit as many photos as possible, at least 2. One of each side with the blade open.

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